Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Oceans and Seas: SEO Trivia

After looking at more Google Trends search insights about oceans, I learned the following fun facts:

Internationally, over the past year, there are more searches for "sea" than "ocean." In the United States, search interest across these two terms are similar. The United States is the top searcher of the term "ocean." Singapore is the top searcher for "sea."

Well, you say, these two countries must have a fascination with the liquid substance that covers about 70 percent of our planet. Not quite.

Worldwide, top searches for "ocean" were actually for the following:

  • Singer, songwriter and rapper Frank Ocean
  • porn star (or at least actress) Aletta Ocean
  • the game download site Ocean Games
Singapore's fascination is not with the "sea" but with "SEA," which stands for Southeast Asian Games. Singapore hosted these games in June 2015. D'oh. 

But where are the people who are actually interested in the darn ocean, like the large bodies of water that we are polluting and warming every darn day?

They are in Australia. Finally, like-minded people. When I dug into the Science > Ecology & Environment category (still over the past 12 months), "sea" still had higher search interest than "ocean." However, the top search terms finally had something to do with the environment. I'm glad somebody cares.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Zen Moment: Friday Edition

It's a bird's life in Huntington Beach, California.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Ocean Geek Humor?

I did a search on Google Trends for "ocean" to see what the search interest over time looks like. The answer looks like waves. So meta.

Friday, March 04, 2016

Zen Moment: Friday Edition

Everyday, I try to find small (or large) celebrations of water. Sometimes I succeed. I took this photo on the trail up to Twin Peaks in San Francisco.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Oscar-Winning DiCaprio is an Advocate not a Saint

I've been reading the commentary on Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscars acceptance speech with amusement. When receiving the Best Actor award for his role in The Revenant, DiCaprio devoted a part of his speech to climate change. The reactions from news media and social media were polarized. That's to be expected, since agreeing on the Internet isn't very fun.

Among the critics was Australia's Brisbane Times, which flexed its journalistic muscles by reminding us of DiCaprio's hypocritical gas-guzzling ways that include overnight jet-airplane trips for New Year's Eve and bikini-clad girls on yachts.

Canada's CBC took a more scientific approach, refuting DiCaprio's explanation that global warming was responsible for the lack of snow on location in Canada. The CBC reported that the unseasonably warm temperatures were, in fact, due to a weather phenomenon called a Chinook. The mistake was called "cringe-worthy" and a setback for climate advocates.

Really? Leonardo DiCaprio did a disservice to environmentalists because he was loose with some facts and because he likes to party? I mean, are we forgetting that this man's primary job is being an actor and not a saint or scientist?

He chose to devote some of his speech to a worthy cause that needs a lot more attention and action. He had a platform and chose to use it. Can we not just agree on that and move onto another topic? Like Super Tuesday? Nope, not going there.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

How Social and the Cloud Have Changed the Conference Experience

Like many marketers, I attend conferences a few times a year. They are great for learning, networking and getting inspired. And while some things stay the same -- big screens, dynamic speakers, too-cold ice water and loud pop music between sessions  -- one thing has changed. And that's how I take notes.

I should qualify that I'm now attending conferences as a participant and no longer covering them as a journalist. But even as a attendee, I used to bring a notebook and camera to capture copious notes. I put business cards in my badge holder and dutifully sent out networking emails the next day. I lugged a tote bag full of vendor information and marketing material.

Now, I just bring a phone and a large purse.

Most panel sessions have slides, video and product information posted online, so there's no need to take detailed notes. I use ColorNote for any residual notes. When I meet someone and we want to connect, we do so right away on LinkedIn. Or, I can follow them on Twitter. Book recommendations that I get, I bookmark on Goodreads. Action items go in my Google Keep to-do list, which syncs across devices. Even vendor schwag has gotten smaller, either edible on the spot (that part hasn't changed!) or placed on USB sticks.

The obvious benefit is that I no longer carry lots of stuff. Another benefit is that I'm prioritizing and acting on the information while I'm consuming it rather than waiting for later. How many post-conference actions have I forgotten to do once I'm back at work?

The obvious drawback is that the constant multitasking prevents me from absorbing some amount of information. Plus, it must be a bummer for presenters to see most of the audience on their phones. Are they bored and on Snapchat? Or are they filtering and processing the information? Hard to know. 

Sunday, February 01, 2015

An All-Ages Mocktail and Cocktail

I posted this recipe to my Pinterest Mocktails board over the holidays last year, but I wanted to give it a shout out on my blog, since it's already been a hit at two parties. Thank you to the blog In Sonnet's Kitchen, which posted this recipe and image for the Cranberry Rosemary Refresher. I was able to make a large batch of it. I topped it off with sparkling water for those who weren't drinking alcohol and with vodka for those who were.

Kids 6+ and adults 60+ and everyone in between loved it. The red color makes it festive for the holidays, and the taste is light enough to serve in summer too.

Click the link above for the recipe. I used these proportions for each drink:
1 short glass with ice
4 parts apple juice
1 part unsweetened cranberry juice
1/2 part rosemary water
1/2 part vodka (to taste) OR  a splash of Soda water (to taste)

If you're doubling the recipe, you do not need to double the rosemary. And be very careful when adding the rosemary water. It's potent.